5 Favorite Reds for the Holidays

MAC Ruby Woo, Tom Ford Ruby Rush, Kat Von D Outlaw, OCC Lip tar Stalker, Nars Lana

Tis the season for red lipstick! Personally I think any occasion is the perfect occasion for some Ruby Woo, but if you are usually a nude lip lover, the holidays are your chance to try something new! Red lipstick can be one of the most difficult makeup products to buy, mostly because there are so many options! But with just a little direction you can find the perfect red for you. Its pretty simple, If you have a lot of pink/peach in your skin, go for a more blue based red. Anything in the Ruby family would work. If you have more olive in your skin, or if you have darkness under the eyes or around the mouth go for a more orange-red. If you are not concerned with redness or darkness then lucky you! You can go either way!

I have compiled a list of my favorite Holiday Red lipsticks.
1. My all time must have red lipstick – MAC Ruby Woo $16. its bright, it’s matte, and its the perfect classic Marilyn Monroe red.

2. Tom Ford- Ruby Rush $50, honestly Its pretty close in color to Ruby Woo, and it costs three times as much, but this lipstick is so smooth and so soft, but still stays in place that its totally worth the extra $$$

3.Kat Von D- Outlaw $19, If your looking for an all day won’t stray kinda red, this one is for you. you can wear it to work, then to dinner, then to drinks and it will still be perfect. Downside, yes it is a bit drying so probably not the best for everyday

4. OCC Lip Tar- Stalker $18, this is great for the advanced makeup warriors, its smooth creamy consistency is perfect for precise application, but be warned! if you use to much it will bleed all over your face.

5. NARS- Lana $32, this lipstick is fun! its slightly more orange, so do be careful if you are in the middle of a breakout, but its bright warm red color is perfect to warm up a cold wither day.

So what do you think? what is your favorite red lipstick, leave it in the comments below and I’ll check it out. Or you can come talk to me on Twitter or Instagram!

Happy Holidays,



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